Elsevier are STILL mis-selling Open Access and behaving ILLEGALLY. They don't care

Posted by Paywall Watch on 18 Mar, 2017

(March 2014)

In this instance, Peter Murray-Rust points to this blog post by Dr Mike Taylor in which Taylor noted that two years after it was brought to Elsevier's attention that they were selling open access content, nothing had changed:- https://svpow.com/2014/03/11/how-is-it-possible-that-elsevier-are-still-charging-for-copies-of-open-access-articles/

Note that Elsevier probably get a few thousand paid Open Access papers a year. When I asked AW for a list she said she wouldn't/couldn't make it public. That's either

  • incompetence
  • indifference
  • deliberate obstruction

Last week I showed continued massive breach of copyright and contract by Elsevier - both illegal. When This was put to AW she replied flippantly "Good things take time" - i.e. Elsevier were not taking this seriously enough to issue a public statement.

There is real anger among funders and authors. Scientists have been taken to task by funders for non-compliance, when it's all Elsevier's fault.

Charles Oppenheim and I suggested immediate action.

More details in this post:- https://blogs.ch.cam.ac.uk/pmr/2014/03/15/elsevier-are-still-mis-selling-open-access-and-behaving-illegally/